BrickWorld was founded by a small group of LEGO lovers who were frustrated by the variable quality of service and product in the LEGO secondary market, especially for rare and hard-to-find collectable sets. Too often we’d buy sets online and they’d arrive with damaged boxes, or turn out to be opened and poorly resealed.

We’re LEGO collectors ourselves, so understand that when you’re buying a rare set, often at well above RRP, you want to be sure you’re buying genuine LEGO, and that it’s going to arrive in pristine condition.

All of our sets at BrickWorld are in mint condition (or on the rare occasion they aren’t, they are very clearly flagged as such), and are packaged and shipped to ensure they reach you in the same condition. We’ll always accept returns if you’re not happy with your purchase.

LEGO Finding Service

We have considerable experience sourcing rare LEGO sets, especially in the UK – if you are looking for a particular set, at a budget, please contact us about our finding service – we’ll be completely transparent about how much we obtained your set for, and only charge a small finder’s fee on completion.